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The entire world is moving towards the era of automated and artificially intelligent future. Mainly the original product production requires AI the most. Artificial Intelligent has changed the tech world a lot in the last decade. Smart algorithms, voice recognition,...

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What Is The Difference Between Laptop Warranty and LaptopAMC?
May 8, 2020

Laptop Warranty vs LaptopAMC

A  Warranty is the written or unwritten promise of an OEM to the customer on delivery of products and provides product support service and solves an issue for a particular period without any charge. It is not a support contract, but it is a guaranteed repair and replacement of products to ensure the quality of the product.

Warranty is of two types:

  1. Express warranty
  2. Implied warranty

Annual Maintenance Contract:

An AMC is a service contract connecting the service provider and a customer to provide maintenance and support service for the products regularly under specific terms and conditions. An annual maintenance contract is a more reliable and professional tech support for products from the service provider even if it is an OEM or third party service provider for nominal charges.

There are two types of AMC:

  1. Comprehensive AMC: It covers all regular essential support services and spare parts replacement, repairing, and analyzing the issues.
  1. non-comprehensive AMC: It covers only the regular essential support service. Spare parts replacements and other services are done under extra cost by the service provider.

Difference between Warranty and AMC:


  1. A Warranty is a service for free of cost to ensure the quality of the product.
  2. The manufacturer provides the terms and conditions of the warranty.
  3. Customers can’t expect preventive maintenance and quick response from the manufacturer.
  4. To extend the warranty, the customer needs to pay 10-15% more.
  5. The Warranty is a time often limited and same for all customers
  6. It helps to get buyers confidence
  7. Warranty terms and conditions start from the date of delivery of the product.
  8. A Warranty could be denied for some customers if they breach the terms and conditions.

Annual Maintenance Contract ( AMC)

  1. AMC costs up to 30% more on regular maintenance depending on the type of AMC selected.
  2. Terms and conditions of AMC formulated by both customer and service provider.
  3. The customer gets preventive maintenance and quick response from the service provider under AMC.
  4. The period for AMC usually from 1 to 3 years. It may differ as agreed by the customer and the service provider.
  5. It ensures the success of the customer company.
  6. In AMC everything is planned before, so there is no loss of profits or income for the customer.
  7. The AMC contract is signed between the customer and the service provider once the warranty period expires.
  8. The customer decides to continue the AMC with the particular service provider.

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