Important Signs Of Laptop Repair

All the IT hardware gadgets and technologies become part and parcel of our life. We use a laptop for working from home, finishing school projects and homework, entertainment sending mail, and many more. Any defect or issues with the laptop may hamper our work as well...

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New Computer Chips Could Power AI To The Next Level
Jun 5, 2020

The entire world is moving towards the era of automated and artificially intelligent future. Mainly the original product production requires AI the most. Artificial Intelligent has changed the tech world a lot in the last decade. Smart algorithms, voice recognition, and biometrics for stock market trading and social media are the vital assets for most of the tech industries nowadays. Analyzing data and identifying patterns needs wast processor power to perform. Most of the AI computation runs in the data center today. AI requires high-performance chips to run robust programs.

AI offers the production companies the greater variety, traceability in products, flexibility in product designs, efficiency in production, speedy product production, reduce the manufacturing risks, faster market dynamics at less and effective operational costs.

AI Chips:

  • AI chips are the new generation microprocessors with a unique design to process artificial intelligence functions faster, using less power. Till now, AI software runs on the GPUs to offer computer power required to run algorithms for different duties.GPU power is not enough to enhance the AI performance. So tech brands developed AI Computer chips with hardware and software components and specialized computing power to improve AI computing.
  • AI chip processes neural networks faster than traditional CPU and GPU computer.
  • These AI chips speed up the data center performance and independent processing of complicated code in automatic vehicles, phones, drones, robots, and other machines to perform better. So the AI Computing chip market is flourishing now.
  • Organizations from startups to corporates, universities, car production companies, and leading IT technologies are in a race to developing powerful AI computer Chips.

 Generations of AI:

  • The 1st generation AI establishes directives and, based on classical logic to find the conclusions within a particular, hardly configure problem domain.
  • The 2nd generation AI concentrated on sensing and recognition by using deep learning networks to inspect the input information.
  • The 3rd generation AI translated and adapted like the human thought process.
  • The 4th generation AI used various machine learning algorithms and other types of Artificial Intelligence algorithms to attain their goal or mission.
  • The 5th generation AI based on neuromorphic Computing.

New AI chips:

  • New AI chips are for 5th generation AI. They based on neuromorphic Computing, which imitates the functions of the human brain. New AI chips have a neural network to calculate probabilities for helping drones to attain a better-detailed understanding of their environment and make quick resolutions.
  • Neuromorphic AI chips with the efficiency of a supercomputer can learn tasks and patterns and can process multiple facts at high speed at less power consumption.
  • The new computer AI chips have replicated the functions of the human brain and help robots and other machines to work like a human brain, to make decisions and memorize data and to analyze the facts.

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