Art of keeping your business up all the time by enhanced server maintenance and support for running a server without any server outrages.

Global Nettech Server Maintenance

Global Nettech provides Third party server hardware support services that are beyond the limits of the OEM maintenance solutions with Post warranty support, Extended warranty support, End of life support, End of service life support to extend the life of your server equipment with 30-70% of cost saving. Global Nettech server maintenance service covers onsite and remote monitoring and maintenance for both x86 and UNIX servers from all Industry leading OEMs. We install, upgrade, troubleshoot, maintain, migrate and monitor your datacentre server with effective server support service contracts. We monitor your server hardware and software 24/7, audit, secure and provide preventive maintenance for your server to ensure your server run continuously.

Why Global Nettech for Server Maintenance?

Our server support services and Server Annual maintenance contract with flexible service options, well qualified, experienced and OEM trained field engineers ,availability of quick and easy server support across all major cities of India, Quicker Response Times and quick resolution times, Onsite support and delivery, flexible Support Models,remote and onsite troubleshooting ,call home monitoring, quality service as OEM service at affordable cost which is lower than OEM support service cost brings you peace of mind and increase productivity within your business budget.

Global Nettech Server Maintenance Includes

24/7 Monitoring Support Preventive Maintenance

  • Our well trained and experienced server tech experts always ready to solve the server issues online and help you to take care of simple server problems or ready to be onsite at any time to solve complex server issues easily.

Hardware and Error Log Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Global Nettech provide onsite and remote monitoring of your server to find any err logs and to troubleshoot then before they cause any severe server problems. We install, upgrade, troubleshoot, maintain, migrate, monitor your datacentre server.

Regular Data Backup Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Data backup is essential to tackle any server disaster. Global Nettech team of experts always takes Point-in-Time Backups of your server, application and database to protect your data from any catastrophic events and server disasters.

EOL and EOSL Support and Maintenance

  • Maintaining a legacy server as long as you need is not possible with the OEM server maintenance.server support services provided by Global Nettech covers all legacy servers which are running beyond their EOL and EOSL dates from OEMs.

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When a server fails, is it easy to get the support you need? Does your service provider tackle a full range of issues, from break-fix to complex problems?

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