Third Party Maintenance

Third Party Maintenance For IT Hardware  


Global Nettech do all kinds of supporting server, network, storage and data center hardware environments around the world and we pride ourselves on offering customized support services that meet or exceed what you would receive through an OEM—at fraction of the cost call us +91 903 6010 005. Global Nettech offers end-to-end solutions for your data center through cost effective third party maintenance.

Common Problems—and how we can solve them for you:



Global Nettech provide Third Party Maintenance and Support at up to 70 percent savings.



Global Nettech Maintain and support EOSL hardware, helping to avoid expensive upgrades.



Global Nettech Engineers are Well trained making it often possible to resolve issues in a single visit.



Global Nettech customize our service options to fit your needs and budget. 

IT Infrastructure Maintenance and Support 


Global Nettech  provide IT infrastructure maintenance and support for a wide range of models and manufacturers. Reduce potential downtime and your stress levels when you turn to us for your hardware maintenance needs. You can be confident knowing you are partnering with a team of expert engineers trained across many hardware manufacturers. Global Nettech can help you with multiple pieces of equipment and OEMs in a single visit and identify potential problems before they become issues. Global Nettech also service end of support life (EOSL) equipment extending the value of your investment.

IT Infrastructure Maintenance and Support

Calculate the potential savings for your IT

support and hardware maintenance today.


Global Nettech believes that organisations should not limit themselves:

  • To the end-of-life notices coming from their vendors.
  • IT hardware has a longer useful life
  • longer than the support hardware vendors can provide.

Significant cost savings can be achieved when organisations focus on maintenance contracts and refresh cycles.

We can provide cost-effective alternative to

your OEM hardware maintenance.


Key benefits you get through working with Global Nettech:

  • Flexibility and Comprehensive part sparing strategy
  • Multi-platform, multi-vendor support
  • Improved SLAs and Huge cost savings and Single point of contact

Complete the short form and a member of our Hardware Maintenance team will be in contact with you.

What Can We Offer You?


Cost savings

Save up to 70 percent over OEM support.


24/7 service coverage

Comprehensive support when you need it.


Don’t wait for the parts you need

Customized inventory stocking strategy allows for on-site and local parts stocking.


Support for current and EOSL devices

Don’t worry about upgrading if you aren’t ready yet.


Simple service calls

Reach a help desk engineer, not an answering service.


Expert engineers

Our engineers are experienced across multiple platforms and networks.


Outstanding Communication

We are committed to listening, understanding and meeting your needs.

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