Storage /SAN optimized server is the storage server that features SAN management utilities and SAN infrastructure and all resources required for deploying, managing and operating a SAN in a single to provide storage infrastructure based on SAN for IT environment or enterprise.


We provide modular design the standard high-end servers configured with Bulk storage drives, Multiple high-speed Internet/Ethernet/network access ports and interface, SAN management utilities and applications with the ability to add multiple storage drives or add complete new storage modules and has the ability to separate storage capacity for intensive read/write functions at lowest rental cost and flexible duration rental.

Think Global Nettech for Storage San Optimized Servers

Global Nettech offers Storage /SAN optimized server of all major brands on rental to provide the customer with a completely dedicated machine with simple solutions that require little technical administration. Storage /SAN optimized server is the storage server that features SAN management utilities and SAN infrastructure and and operating  SAN for IT environment or enterprise.

General Purpose Storage San Optimized Servers

Dell Server Rental

  • Dell PowerEdge servers on rental are perfect for business that requires flexibility, value and high performance. Dell Poweredge rack servers have highly scalable architecture and the perfect mix of computer and memory to provides the best applications at a fair price.

HP Server Rental

  • HP Proliant servers are Software-defined, cloud-enabled enterprise servers that modernise your data centre and supports business objectives and business growth by delivering performance for core business-to-business-critical workloads.

IBM Server Rental

  • IBM Lenovo servers match every business need from growing small businesses to enterprise workloads with the unique value, Superb efficiency to power through the mission-critical workloads with unmatched quality and reliability at reduced costs.

SuperMicro Server Rental

  • SuperMicro Ultra servers offer flexibility, scalability and serviceability to power mission-critical Enterprise workloads in demanding IT environments. SuperMicro Ultra servers in 1U and 2U Rackspace are the perfect fit for diverse applications.

Sun/Oracle Server Rental

  • Oracle servers provide a path to modern cloud-ready infrastructure. Oracle x86 servers are specially designed to provide high performance, simplified management, the Highest level of efficiencies, security and reliability for running Oracle software.

Cisco Server Rental

  • Cisco UCS server is a single unified system with the combination of industry- standard, x86-architecture servers with networking and storage access. UCS C-Series Rack Servers have a balance of processing, memory, I/O, and internal storage resources.

Brands We Support

Rent a file server

2U and 4U virtualization-ready servers available for rental. Server hardware available for rental with flexible duration rental.

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