NVIDIA Holodeck , Design Tool for photorealistic collaborative design in VR
Mar 6, 2018

It’s the first photorealistic, collaborative, intelligent design platform for VR. You can import your models from 3dsMax and Maya into Holodeck and invite your colleagues to join you in your virtual design lab.

And with NVIDIA Holodeck it’s possible not just to import and interact with objects, but to interact with them as we do in the real world. By removing geographical barriers, remote teams can more easily conduct product reviews and gain immediate visual, voice, and gestural feedback from participants. Development timelines are shortened by viewing photorealistic 3D models from CAD data while reducing physical prototype iterations.


  • Import and interact with highly complex, detailed models consisting of tens of millions of polygons, beautiful materials, and textures. The state-of-the-art rendering techniques optimized for real-time VR using NVIDIA DesignWorks and VRWorks.
  • The suite of tools for NVIDIA PhysX, we built to help VR developers create amazing virtual worlds that obey the laws of physics.

For that, you’ll need a powerful VR-enabled Workstation with GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, Quadro P6000 and TITAN Xp GPUs to get the best experience from Holodeck.

Global Nettech rent workstation Dell Precision T7910 with Quadro P4000 8GB Quadro P6000 24GB