Discover why creative professionals are relying on the Dell Precision M3800 to bring their ideas to life
Mar 6, 2018

The Dell Precision M3800 mobile workstation with Intel® Core™ i7 processor and Adobe Creative Cloud, which is the perfect technology enabling him to keep up with his work and help him to turn his ideas into reality.  Specially built for pros, it has a sleek design with Intel Inside®, new 4K Ultra HD display and powerful performance, it provides everything he needs to fulfill and excel creative ideas.

Reason to choose Dell:

Having enough processing power means the difference between meeting a deadline and not meeting a deadline.” Dell Precision workstations are designed to give a powerful performance and in turn, help to create the best work. Dell Precision M3800 has the performance to fill his needs as a high-end computer user

The Dell Precision M3800 is the 15” mobile workstation with thinnest and lightest built ever, and ready for breakthrough creativity in all aspects. The powerful graphics capabilities of this mobile workstation are designed in such a way to give work true clarity. Also has a UHD display with 500k more pixels for visualization than the MacBook Pro with Retina display.

Everyone can work without hesitation because Dell Precision workstations are built and optimized to run professional video applications in Adobe® Creative Cloud® such as Adobe Premiere® Pro CC. When comparing with Apple MacBook Pro, it has 30% faster rendering video sequences and up to 26% faster transcoding video clips in Adobe Premiere® Pro CC.