Are you using the Right Hardware for your Autodesk Software?
Jun 13, 2018

Choosing the perfect Autodesk workstation for using Mudbox, Maya or  3ds Max software is a challenging task for professionals.

The basic configuration of a good  Autodesk workstation is the same but when using qualified components for different software suites, it can be difficult to find which workstation is the perfect choice for you. Here are few tips for choosing  PC workstations and Mac for Autodesk software of choices…

For 3ds Max users

Working in a field like games development require  3ds Max or a 3ds Max-based Entertainment Creation Suite software. This software needs huge processing power, so a 16-core HP Z820 is the best with maximum responsiveness, but a high-spec Z620 will satisfy you if you’re budget-conscious. New Mac Book Pro is promising, you can use an iMac workstation with a 27”screen, Quad-core i7 3.4Ghz  and   8GB of RAM and more along with Mac Book Pro.

If you are budget conscious you can continue designing your work on Mac Pro and use iMac screen as a second display for rendering work. For choosing graphics you need to know that Autodesk rewrote 3ds Max’s viewport engine from OpenGL to DirectX. This means gaming cards also provides faster performance for your money and can be used for your design work.

NVIDIA’s 6GB GeForce GTX Titan is one good choice for working with Autodesk Software because it has the same stamina like pro cards and it won’t melt under constant use but it is not qualified yet . You must choose Autodesk’s qualified card. The 4GB GeForce GTX 680 with the lower-spec delivers the excellent amount of power within an affordable cost.

For Maya and Mudbox

For areas like post-production work or graphics, Autodesk Maya or a Maya-centric Entertainment Creation Suite is the perfect software.

(Autodesk’s Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate is the software package with MotionBuilder, Maya, Softimage, 3ds Max, Mudbox, and Sketchbook Designer,  it’s a good option for covering every eventuality.

Mac Pro is also a choice but we still to wait for Autodesk configuration

Maya needs an NVIDIA Quadro card to get the best possible graphics performance, that is not the case with 3ds Max. Maya needs optimized Quadro drivers, the ultra-powerful Quadro K5000 or the K2000 will give you the most accurate and smoothest viewport performance.

Mac Pro is also a choice but we still to wait for Autodesk configuration. If you choose a Mac in an interim then select top spec 3.4GHz i7 iMac, with 8 or 16GB of RAM depending on the size of project For PC workstations, we’d recommend ideally a Z820  and  HP Z620 with as many cores and as much RAM as you can pack in help you complete projects in the fastest possible time.

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