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What happens when My Storage Server goes EOL?
Jul 24, 2020

What happens when My Storage Server goes EOL?

“What can I expect when my system goes EOL? And how does it differ from EOL? or EOSL?

As a Annual Maintenance support provider, Global Nettech have an answer for this question –

These terms are all manufacturer-specific which means

  • EMC and NetApp call as “EOL” (End-of-life)
  • IBM calls “Withdrawn from marketing”.
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The terms mean, and the difference between them:

EOL – End of Life

In a nutshell, the manufacturer has discontinued the model.

This is because due to a new product line or technology being released, or maybe there was just not enough demand to continue producing it.

The manufacturer will still support the equipment, likely at a higher annual cost. Their overall objective is to find a way to push you as a consumer into buying their latest, greatest systems.

EOS (End of Sale) and “Withdrawn from marketing” are basically the same as EOL.

EOSL – End of Service Life

When your system (whether NetApp, EMC, HP, Hitachi and all OEM) goes End-of-service-life, which means that the equipment is obsolete in the manufacturer’s eyes. So, they will not support it after the date they specify it goes EOSL.

It is a hard line in the sand. They will NOT support your system after that date. If something goes wrong, you are on your own.


After the manufacturer announces End-of-Life, you have 3-5 years after the announced EOL date, before it goes End-of-Service-Life.

For example, DELL EMC published their EMC VNX Gen 5 (VNX 5500, 5700) EOL date as December 31, 2020. DELL EMC will continue to sell support those machines until December, 2020.

In January 2020, Dell EMC will no longer have anything to do with them.

Just because OEM server crosses the EOSL date, doesn’t mean its life-cycle is over…

If your machine passes the EOSL date, or is approaching, it is strongly recommended to get in touch with a Global Nettech as Annual Maintenance provider to continue to protect your machine, and allow for reliable usage. Global Nettech can support your machine for several years after the EOSL date from the manufacturer, extending the life of your equipment, and saving you from having to buy a new system.

In the case of the Maintenance, expect from Global Nettech for 24×7 SLA Services, with a break/fix option including on-site engineer support for when problems cannot be resolved remotely.