What’s important to consider for a graphics card in 2024?

When considering a graphics card, it’s essential to account for a variety of factors to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with your system and needs. Here's a detailed breakdown: Power Requirements: Power Supply Compatibility: Check the power requirements...

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2023’s Most Powerful NVIDIA RTX Graphics Cards

2023's Most Powerful NVIDIA RTX Graphics Cards In the dynamic world of high-performance computing, graphics cards play a pivotal role in shaping the gaming and professional graphics landscape. NVIDIA has been a beacon of innovation in this realm, consistently raising...

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VDI Assessment with Graphics Power
May 9, 2017

Are you ready to consider your new laptop/ Desktop without GPU?

No. So why Virtual Solution is without GPU? Here is a VDI Assessment with Graphics Power…

VDI is a virtualization technique which is hosted on a remote service that allows access to a virtualized desktop by a client device over the Internet.

NVIDIA GRID solution for virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) for a private datacenter with virtualization software partners like Citrix Systems, Microsoft, and VMware.

Why Graphics required in VMs?

Graphics acceleration is expanding to improve the experience of office productivity applications like Outlook, Office 2016, web browsers, Adobe Photoshop, and the Windows 10 operating system.

GPU accelerated VDI will suit our needs in education, especially when it comes to the delivery of multimedia content to our end users.

PER Tesla M10 Card


For use case Graphics accelerated VDI, go with Virtual PC edition, which allows you to use the M10-0B and M10-1B vGPU profiles.
M10-0B profile:
You have available up to 64 vGPUs per board, 512 MB frame buffer, supporting 2 virtual display heads at a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1600 per display head.
M10-1B profile:
Provides a frame buffer of 1024 MB, supports up to 4 virtual display heads at the same maximum resolution.
great experience at incremental cost

IT provide employees with virtualized graphics up to 128 users per server at a lower cost per user. Based on OEM server hardware we can populate 2-4 such TESLA M10 with max 256 users per server.