Choosing the perfect workstation for Solidworks 2020
Mar 9, 2020

When anyone tries to choose a workstation to run SOLIDWORKS 2020, there are four main areas of hardware to look at. The Processor, RAM, Graphics card and Hard drive. Global Nettech provides SOLIDWORK  workstation recommendations selecting the right workstations for your requirements.

While selecting the processor we should consider the CPU speed and CPU Cores (Multiple /Single-threaded). Processors with fewer cores (but higher clock speed) are ideal for 2D design and 3D modelling. But most stimulation and photo 360 rendering tasks require multiple core CPUs.

The minimum requirement for running SOLIDWORKS 2020 is 16 GB. But very complex simulations may require more memory. Installing 32GB is the best way To avoid running out of memory for growing models. Adding more memory is not the only solution for the performance issue whereas using best practices in the software can speed up your work.

Graphics Cards:
In 3D model viewing graphics card with hardware OpenGL acceleration will provide outstanding performance. NVIDIA Quadro, AMD FirePro or AMD Radeon Pro series are certified for SOLIDWORKS.
NVIDIA GPU CUDA Cores can increase the speed in SOLIDWORKS Visualize than CPU cores. NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon Graphics cards won’t increase the speed of Visualize so in that case speed relay only on CPU Core. Using two physical graphics cards is not recommended for SOLIDWORKS.

Hard drive:
Solid-State Drive (SSD) can provide up to 10x faster performance than standard Hard Disk Drive (HDD) for open/save tasks. Using an NVMe/PCIe SSDs rather than standard SATA SSDs will give greater performance.

Solidworks hardware recommendations & bottlenecks to upgrade Workstation from Global Nettech.