SMART Remote Hands IT Technicians

Global Nettech smart and technical remote hands in a datacentre while you can’t physically be present..

SMART Remote Hands IT Technicians

Global Nettech smart hands service mostly after hours and weekends, also if require 24×7 services provided. Our IT Technicians ensures someone on hand there’s to respond immediately to address problems that might occur with your servers or other enterprise hardware. Our technical network engineers have more than 20 years of experience working with multiple data centres. Global Nettech Remote Hands services can be the most effective way to allocate your staff resources and IT expenditures.

Why Global Nettech SMART Remote Hands IT Technicians and Services Data Center?

Server diagnostics and troubleshooting assistance, Moving or securing or replacing a patch cable in a rack, Plugging console port for remote management, Physically power cycling a firewall, router, switch or server, Moving, installing or securing cable or customer internal cross-connects, Swapping of pre-labelled, pre-ejected, removable media, Replacing or verifying connectivity integrity of cross-connections.

Global Nettech SMART Remote Hands IT Technicians and Services Data Center

SMART Remote Hands IT Technicians

  • providing support on emergency or urgent smart hands service outside of business hours, Visual verification to assist troubleshooting effort, Assisting with customer’s audit documentation and onsite auditing.

Adding, Removing or Verifying

  • Adding, removing or verifying a demarcation label, Performing physical loopback for the telecommunication circuits, Troubleshooting of customer’s equipment. Adding, removing or verifying a demarcation label On-demand subscription services.

Labelling Equipment & Cable Connections

  • SMART Remote Hands IT Technicians and Services Data Center Assisting with physical installation, relocation of customer’s equipment, Shipping and handling hardware equipment, Providing co-ordinating support for all logistics, Labelling equipment and cable connections.

Swapping Pre-configured Equipment

  • Installing or swapping pre-configured equipment or components, Performing diagnostic and signal testing on circuits using diagnostic equipment, Inter-data centre relocations. Patching equipment to a patch panel supplied patching schedule.

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Ready to boost your operations and cut costs? Offering an attractive alternative to alleviating your on-site support staff requirements, Remote Hands services transform the way you manage the mundane and tackle complexity.

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Our team of professionals will work courteously, work efficiently to make sure that all our client requirements have been sorted to perfection and satisfaction. As your 24/7 partner on an array of technical labor tasks.

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