What workstation desktop laptop systems are used at NASA?

Workstation desktop laptop systems are an integral part of NASA NASA would not have reached this position without computers to their aid. Evolution of computers, in short, added wings to NASA to fly to space. From mainframes to Thinkpad and Notepad now has helped NASA...

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What is IT infrastructure and what are its components?

The IT infrastructure is a combination of hardware, software and network and human resources required for the software operations. The infrastructure is the base for any organization to deliver IT solutions and services in broad terms. The above components are...

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server maintenance services
Mar 26, 2020

If your server fails, it can cause devastating effects for your network and can lead to huge sums of money being lost in your business: costs which no businesses can really afford to absorb! There is the loss of productivity, the costs associated with trying to find the source of the problem and then the cost of getting everything up and running.

This is why it is important to ensure your server is regularly maintained and have a server maintenance plan in place, as this means there’s less chance of anything problematic happening to your server. With server IT maintenance services, you can ensure everything works efficiently and there is less downtime due to the loss of the system or important data held there.

Server Maintenance Services

IT professionals a comprehensive, global nettech maintenance service program for one data center or dozens of data centers around the globe. Data Center Services are that deliver multi-platform hardware maintenance for server farms; unified, global, web-enabled call management and escalation services; vendor-neutral product performance reporting; and, a help companies meet service level requirements that is second to none. Data Center Support deliverables were developed of real-world data center experience coupled with the cooperation and feedback of data center managers from the most demanding environments around the globe.

  • Single Source.
  • Across India Reach.
  • Experts On-Site.
  • Unified Performance Standards.
  • Reliable Data Center Services.

Global Nettech recognizes your data center is the heart of your enterprise. As such, it must continually keep pace with your business and ever-evolving technologies. As the complexity of managing your company’s supporting systems increases, so do your service costs. Having Global Nettech as your strategic partner for your data center services will help you achieve your data center management goals while controlling your costs and increasing your team’s productivity.

Servers Maintenance

Building on over four decades of real-world experience, we continually enhance our Data Center Services based on the feedback we receive from our most demanding clients over the world.

Data Center Support:

  • Full data center operations and management
  • OEM platform performance monitoring
  • On-site hardware maintenance
  • On-site and remote “Smart Hands”
  • Vendor-neutral support
  • IMAC (Installs/Moves/Adds/Changes)
  • Global problem management system and logistics network
  • National presence with local engineers

Global Nettech IT support services delivers multi-platform hardware maintenance for server farms; unified, global, web-enabled call management and escalation services; vendor-neutral product performance reporting; and, a global Forward Stocking Location (FSL) network that is second to none.

Data Center Support

Whether your server farm or storage architecture includes HP, Dell, IBM, Cisco, Lenovo, Fujitsu, EMC, Oracle or any combination of the most popular manufacturers’ systems, you’ll benefit from our years of experience, technological expertise and commitment to meeting your needs.

Global Nettech server maintenance and Support services go beyond the standard manufacturers’ warranties. We can offer you a full plan to give you peace of mind that your server will continue to run efficiently and preventing your organisation being hit with unexpected costs due to the server going down.