Security software inbuilt in HP Z4 G4 Workstation, HP Z6 G4, HP Z8 G4 Workstation
Jan 4, 2018

Security software inbuilt HP Z4 G4 Workstation, HP Z6 G4, HP Z8 G4 Workstation

BIOS Security: HP Sure Start Gen3 to protect against BIOS attacks.

HP Sure Start Gen3 monitors in-memory BIOS by checks the BIOS code held in the system’s flash RAM before it’s executed during the startup process, and ensures that the firmware won’t run if it’s been modified or replaced. If any tampering is detected, Sure Start can restore the last known good system BIOS from a secure copy held in its own dedicated flash RAM. Now HP Z G4 workstation recovers the platform without user or admin intervention and is enterprise ready for centralized management.

With the industry’s first self-healing BIOS with intrusion detection, start with a genuine HP BIOS every time.

Also, Sure Start Gen3 notifies the hardware if any attempt to modify BIOS settings is identified. The event is logged in the Sure Start log and the user notified, and all policy settings used within the BIOS are backed up and checked against an integrity check on every boot.

Finally, to prevent the BIOS being overwritten by modified firmware, HP’s BIOS whitelisting checks new firmware against a secure whitelist, and only allows authorized firmware to be installed.

Screen security: HP Sure View integrated for privacy screen. 

If you are not looking at it directly from within the core 70-degree viewing cone, the combination of light control film with backlight and system level hardware controls, this integrated privacy screen toggles on at a tap of function-key combo, blacking out the screen. So you can see what you’re working on, but the person sitting in the next seat or over your shoulder can’t.

Authentication Security: HP multi-factor authentication. 

The multi-factor technology embedded in 7th Generation Intel processors is to enable hardened multi-factor authentication which combines password with a fingerprint or face recognition.

SpareKey technology gives users a simple utility to recover lost system passwords, including power-on, BIOS passwords, and drive lock passwords. Users need to enroll by providing answers to a sequence of personal identification questions.

Browser Security: HP Sure Click for browsing session

HP Sure Click technology protects by creating a hardware-based, virtualized, fully-isolated browsing session for each browser tab, preventing malware in one website from interfering with any other tabs or browser.

Port Security: HP Device Access Manager for external peripherals protection

Using HP Device Access Manager, system administrator can control which devices users can get control of read/write/access to prevent malware or other software being installed from or written out to USB.

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