What’s important to consider for a graphics card in 2024?

When considering a graphics card, it’s essential to account for a variety of factors to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with your system and needs. Here's a detailed breakdown: Power Requirements: Power Supply Compatibility: Check the power requirements...

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2023’s Most Powerful NVIDIA RTX Graphics Cards

2023's Most Powerful NVIDIA RTX Graphics Cards In the dynamic world of high-performance computing, graphics cards play a pivotal role in shaping the gaming and professional graphics landscape. NVIDIA has been a beacon of innovation in this realm, consistently raising...

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Pricing to increase 20% in 2 Quarter 2021 due to increased demand and lack of supply
Mar 26, 2021

NVIDIA is benefiting from the coronavirus-induced work-from-home and learn-at-home wave. Strong growth in GeForce desktop and notebook GPUs is boosting its gaming revenues.

NVIDIA GPUs are gaining rapid traction with the proliferation of AI. The increasing use of AI tools in datacenter, automotive, healthcare and manufacturing industries is expected to drive the demand for GPUs.

Nvidia hasn’t been able to meet demand for graphics chips it designs for about half a year. Chip shortages usually spawn subsequent gluts as manufacturers rush to meet demand, and investment is underway.

Price Factors for GPU Workstations

Global Nettech technology enthusiasts will have other rising prices to contend with throughout 2021, adding to the already ballooning discrete GPU and latest-gen CPUs from the leading manufacturer.

The increased demand due to the COVID pandemic stretched the usual stocks to their limits, and due to the tremendous, multiple-month lead times between semiconductor orders and their fulfillment from manufacturers, the entire supply infrastructure was spread too thin for the increased worldwide needs. This leads to increased component pricing, which in turn leads to higher ASP pricing for GPU.

Adding to that equation is the fact that companies are now more careful and are placing bigger orders so as to be able to weather these sudden demand changes.

RAM pricing has also already increased 3-8% in first quarter 2021, and that market adjustments will lead to an additional increase somewhere between 13-18% for contract as well as rental pricing. Server pricing is projected to increase by 20%; graphics is expected to increase 10-15% in the same time-span, thus giving us that strange stomach churn that comes from having to expect even further increases in graphics card end-user pricing; and overall GPU pricing for customers is expected to increase by 20% due to the intensifying shortages. What a time to be a system builder.

Desktop Price 1 Quarter 2021 2 Quarter 2021
Server Price Up to ~5% Up to 13~18%
Mobile Workstation Price Up to ~8% Up to ~20%
Graphics GPU Price Up to 0~5% Up to10 ~15%
Laptop consumer Old gen Up to ~10%

Lastest Gen Up to ~5%

Old gen Up to 15~20%

Lastest Gen Up to 13~18%

Total Difference approx Up to 3~8% Up to 13~18%

Latest Best Graphics card

With a new, refreshed generation of Nvidia GPUs that support Ray Tracing, we can expect AMD to trace its first rays.

AMD is picking and choosing titles it knows it can make up a performance edge against Nvidia and does Ray Tracing. When comparing ray tracing performance, and AMD RX wouldn’t beat Nvidia 3000-series cards. The important element of a new GPU is fps (Frame Per Second) better in AMD RX Cards.

AMD new RDNA2 architecture, which powers its new generation of graphics cards with watt performance increase it’s added more compute units (CUs) and more shaders, and Infinity Cache: 128 MB dedicated space to help optimize memory bandwidth and latency. 128MB Cache has all of the framebuffer, z-buffer, and most recent textures cached freeing up that space in the VRAM for other data to speed up rendering times

NVIDIA still has the best ray tracing performance and the RTX 3080 is the best GPU to get graphics at 4K 60fps

The RX 6800 XT is great for 1080p and 1440p ray tracing, just like the RTX 2080 Ti.