What is Nvidia Ray Tracing and List of Games Supports?

What is NVidia Ray Tracing If you're a gamer, then the chances are you've heard of ray tracing, but you might not know exactly what it means or why it's a big deal. We're here to help you find out. In its simplest form, ray tracing is a system that's used to enhance...

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NVIDIA Quadro M2000 Specifications & Features
Mar 15, 2018

NVIDIA Quadro M2000 Review: Maxwell Pro Graphics card  NVIDIA Quadro M2000 is a low-power pro graphics solution featuring an NVIDIA’s Maxwell  GPU. NVIDIA’s Quadro software/driver suite and the card’s particular hardware configuration enables additional features and capabilities of the Quadro M2000.

Specifications & Features
GPU Memory 4 GB GDDR5
Memory Interface 128-bit
Memory Bandwidth Up to 106 GB/s
CUDA Cores 768
System Interface PCI Express 3.0 x16
Max Power 75W
Thermal Solution Active
Form Factor 4.376” H x 6.6 L
Display Connectors DP 1.2 (4), with audio
Max Displays 4 DP 1.2 Multi-Stream
Max DP 1.2 Resolution 4096 x 2160 @ 60Hz
Graphics APIs DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5, Shader Model 5.0, Vulkan 1.03
Compute APIs CUDA, DirectCompute, OpenCL
Additional Features NVIDIA nView Desktop, Management Software Compatibility, HDCP Support, NVIDIA Mosaic

These graphics cards have 768 CUDA cores and 4GB of GDDR5 memory, Four Display Ports provide support for up to  1.2 multi-stream outputs and 4K (i.e. 4096 x 2160) resolutions at 60Hz, with audio and also linked to the GPU via a 128-bit interface. The GPU of Quadro M2000 has about 1,108MHz (1.1 GHz) as a peak boost frequency and 3,305MHz (3.3 GHz) effective clock speed memory of which translates to roughly 106GB/s of peak memory bandwidth.

NVIDIA Quadro M2000‘s  TDP  is only 75 watts, which eliminates the need for a supplemental power connector. Cooling of this card is handled by a low-profile, relatively slim heat-sink and fan assembly.