Jun 19, 2019

NVIDIA VR Ready recommended Workstation configurations by VR content creators can be confident of outstanding VR performance that includes ultra-high frame rates and low latency even with the most complex data sets. These performance factors are critical for driving VR HMD experiences that are comfortable, accurate and compelling for the VR content creator.

Content Creation

Content creators for VR gaming and film-making are authoring mind blowing VR titles. They demand high end powerful Workstations to handle the huge graphical workloads.

Architecture Engineering & Construction

Architects require powerful VR solutions to enable client to review their projects using HMDs (HEAD MOUNTED DISPLAYs). Clients benefit from walk-throughs and the ability to view and explore in any products.

Product Development

Design teams extend automotive, aerospace and product design, are harnessing the power of desktop VR solutions to enhance collaboration, reduce cycle time and optimise style and performance.

Minimum requirements for VR Reality

Professional Head Mounted Display

HTC Vive


IntelCore i5-4590 / greater Intel XeonE3-1240 v3 or greater.


NVIDIA Quadro M6000-24GB or  NVIDIA  Quadro M5000 8GB

  Benefit QUADRO TITAN/ GeForce GTX
Workflow Acceleration Best professional application performance Tuned drivers for professional applications like Dassault Systemes CATIA and SOLIDWORKS, AutoDesk MAYA N/A
Advanced professional features Large memory with ECC, GPU Direct for Video, multi-GPU support, quad buffered stereo, MOSAIC multi-display, Quadro Sync N/A
Scalable Performance Faster FP64/FP32/FP16 pro app performance Larger memory capacity up to 24GB GDDR5X Qualified multi-GPU configurations for extreme performance Amazing gaming performance  
Enterprise Class Reliability Mission Critical Drivers Stable drivers Enterprise level verification by OEM’s comprehensive test suites Enterprise level release management N/A
ISV Certifications Certified by major ISVs for over 100 professional applications N/A
Certified for OEM Workstations Extensive joint qualification with major workstation OEMs for enterprise deployment N/A
IT Management Ease of IT Managment Configuration, monitoring and diagnostic tools Local and remote access N/A
Global support / warranty Access to industry solutions experts Enterprise level technical support Warrantied by NVIDIA N/A Only TitanX, NVIDIA Founders Editions warrantied by NVIDIA
Extended product availability Bulk availability Full product lifecycle management N/A

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