SAN or NAS: Ways to Connect Your Data

When building a storage network, your basic decision is SAN vs. NAS. The choice will impact how you access your data. You must think about your network that is right for you is critical to providing the right level of capability without overburdening your business...

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Sep 12, 2020


Netapp AFF Series:

NetApp’s AFF series ( All-Flash FAS) comes in five models.

Scale from clusters of two to 24 nodes (12 HA pairs) with maximum effective capacities that run up to 700-plus TB per node and the low hundreds of PB (after data reduction) in maximum-sized clusters.

AFF800 is NVMe-equipped, and offers latency under 200µs with claimed end-to-end NVMe connectivity, including over Fibre-Channel.

NetApp’s FAS line:

A set of hybrid flash arrays, with the FAS2700, 8200 and 9000 series.

The SME/mid-size 2700 starts at 10TB and can scale to 17PB in a 24-node cluster. The 9000 scales to 176PB.

Solidfire: The Solidfire all-flash storage product that NetApp acquired in 2015 come in a 1U form factor and three models,

  • H610S-1 each hold 12 flash drives of 960GB, for total capacity of 11.5TB
  • H610S-2 each hold 12 flash drives of 1.92TB, for total capacity of 23TB
  • H610S-4 each hold 12 flash drives of 3.84TB for total capacity of

With data reduction such as data deduplication, compression and thin provisioning , the effective capacity is upped by between 3x and 9x.

Solidfire started out targeted at cloud service providers and is Fibre Channel and iSCSI block storage.

EF- and E-series:

NetApp’s E-Series arrays date back to NetApp’s acquisition of Engenio in 2011, whose arrays were designed for spinning disk. They run the SanTricity operating system, which is a legacy of that pedigree.

There are two all-flash arrays in the series which offer 300,000 IOPS and 1 million IOPS respectively in hardware for 96 and 120 drives, plus maximum raw capacity that goes up to around 1.5PB with expansion shelves.

  • EF280
  • EF570

Meanwhile, there are two spinning disk E-series arrays,

the E5724 with 24 drives and can scale to 120 flash drives and 180 HDDs

the E5760 with 60 drives and can accommodate 120 and 480 of each.

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