HP Z4 Workstations & HP Windows Mixed Reality Helmet
Apr 19, 2018

HP Z4 Workstations & HP Windows Mixed Reality Helmet

  • HP Z4 workstation that will be equipped with Intel Xeon Wor Intel Core X processors and will offer support for dual-GPU configurations.
  • The Z4 series workstations are designed for engineering, simulation, rendering and virtual reality applications.
  • The ability to use Skylake X processors will allow customers to access workstation platforms since Xeon W processors provide more stable life cycle because of vPro technologies, while Skylake X processors provide higher operating frequencies.
  • HP Z4 workstations based on Intel Core X processors will be equipped with a single gigabit Ethernet port and a single M.2 slot,
  • HP Z4 Workstation with Xeon-W processors will provide dual gigabit ethernet port and dual M.2 slot.
  • Both systems can accommodate professional video cards, up to two NVIDIA P6000or AMD Radeon Pro Wx 9100 cards.
  • HP Xeon W based Z4 workstations are typically a choice for customers in the healthcare and civil engineering industries for reliability, security, and expandability
  • HP Xeon Core X platforms are best suited for video games and content creation professionals in the VR sector



  • HP Windows Mixed Reality helmet has hinged display, which can simply be lifted without having to remove the helmet from the head.
  • The new helmet uses two LCD screens, one for each eye, 2.89 inches with a resolution of 1440×1440 and a refresh rate of 90Hz.
  • The controllers are characterized by six degrees of freedom to track movements without restrictions.
  • Even the helmet includes the tracking of the integrated movement so that it is possible to participate in virtual environments without the need for external trackers.
  • Launch Kit includes Unreal Datasmith, an Unreal Engine tool that helps designers and artists simplify the process of importing data and CAD projects into Unreal Engine. Initially, Datasmith will offer support for 20 software packages, including Maya, Cinema 4D, Moto Auto / Archi CAD, Solidworks, and others.

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