HP Z VR Backpack for Wearable VR Workstation
Aug 28, 2017

HP Z VR Backpack for Wearable VR Workstation


HP Z VR Backpack for Wearable VR Workstation

HP Z VR Backpack is powered with the NVIDIA Quadro P5200 16GB Graphics card for highend workloads or complex simulation or even 4K desktop displays.

HP VR Backpack is wearable and lightweight with an ergonomic backpack design and hot swappable batteries to provide obstacle free to use with an immersive experience.

Processor: The Intel Core i7 vPro 7th Gen processor with vPro chipset.

Graphics: NVIDIA®Quadro® P5200 with 16GB video memory.

OS: Windows 10 Pro OS

Docking solution: Allows digital creators quickly transition back and forth between high powered desktop for content design and wearable VR PC to validate creations.

Software: The HTC Vive Business Edition HMD is part of the HP VR portfolio.


The Use case for Virtual Reality businesses is

Product design:

In product development where product concepts are reviewed, executive agreement and sign off for new product styling can be done in virtual product showrooms. Here Use your preferred 3D modeling tools like SketchUp and Revit.


Virtual walkthroughs at scale for client reviews can help quickly close the deal. You could even experience a hotel room in virtual reality before booking it


Surgeons use to practice sensitive surgeries and improve their precision with help of 3D surgery navigation device. 3D generated environments can help people to recover from stress disorder or phobias.

First responder training:

VR can deliver safe and effective simulated training in dangerous environments, in medical training or for heavy/large equipment operations.


Car manufacturers are continuously trying to put the VR technologies to use in order to deliver the best vehicles. Also, pre-recorded virtual test rides so you can have the experience of driving the car.

With a virtual reality showroom, vendors can demonstrate how a paint job will look on someone’s dream car, or how a set of bigger alloys will fit the new look


New location-based entertainment centers featuring thrilling virtual reality experiences. VR can even replace travel in the form of eTourism