HP unveils workstation for editing, color grading, and sfx
Sep 23, 2019

Looking for the best hardware you need for editing, color=grading, and special effects? HP seems to have come up with the answer in IBC2019.

An IBC visitor looks for a damn good display in a workstation. Taking this display need HP has come up with editing, grading, SFX and remote access options to suit along with the display on a single wall.

From HP Z4, HP is delivering workstations that are highly configurable that makes the workstation a convenient platform to edit and add special effects. In case you are looking for best after-effects & Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve then you can configure single CPU system with Xeon W family or Core X series processor with an eye to maximum frequency apart from the maximum cores.

You can pack with one or more GPUs and Z4 supports two-double-wide graphics cards like NVIDIA’s Quadro RTX 6000. Memory can go up to 256 GB, so it will not be a problem.

HP claims that HP Z8 is the much needed powerful best hp workstation created to meet the needs of creative work professionals. It is also the most flexible system configuration to handle maximum capacity. If you are looking for a workstation to handle maximum capacity or maximum flexibility or both this workstation would be best suited in both the cases.

Flexibility and performance go hand in hand. Multiple CPUs and GPUs gives the opportunity to mix, match and design the workstation to suit your workflows.

You are using Resolve and need to add GPUs or want to increase the performance by adding CPU with 8 cores for after effects or 2 CPUs with 56 cores, you can do it all with the workstation. All it takes is two Quadro RTX 8000 GPUs with a RAM capacity of 3 TB.

Choose between Calibration or Curved
DreamColor Z27

HP has DreamColor Z27 and Z31 with these workstations. You have resolution option and color support you are expecting. The displays come with the integrated processor running Linux. This integrated processor empowers it to support industry standards and customize LUTs and self-calibration.

Color resolution problems are handled here.

HP has come up with HP Z38C curved monitor running Premiere Pro on a Z2 Mini. Z38C curved display is apt for anyone who is dealing with audio and video timeline work. The workstations with 21:9 ratio and with a resolution of 3840X1600 pixels. It is not 4K, but the system suits when you need an additional horizontal desktop.

Need Remote Access? Here it is!

The feature which is much awaited at HP’s IBC booth is its RGS that is Remote Graphics Software. In spite of having full-fledged HP Z8 in the office, it would be an added advantage to catch up on work remotely from home to any other workstation in a different locale. The remote graphics software can be found in Hall 15, MS32 & MS33.