What is Nvidia Ray Tracing and List of Games Supports?

What is NVidia Ray Tracing If you're a gamer, then the chances are you've heard of ray tracing, but you might not know exactly what it means or why it's a big deal. We're here to help you find out. In its simplest form, ray tracing is a system that's used to enhance...

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How to Select Workstation Graphics Cards?
Oct 1, 2018

How to Select Workstation Graphics Cards?

  1. Which Do You Need for Workstation Quadro or GTX Graphics Card?

 Nvidia Quadro or AMD Radeon Pro graphics Workstation graphics cards are designed to handle demanding tasks such as 3D rendering, simulations, VR, AI, Deep Learning.

Workstation graphics cards has more video memory (VRAM) when compared to their consumer grade cards.

e.g. NVidia’s workstation graphics card GP100 24GB  with 3584 CUDA cores

The consumer card NVidia GTX 1080 Ti 11GB with 3584 CUDA cores.

  1. Which Brand should I buy Nvidia or AMD workstation graphics cards?

An AMD Radeon Pro may outperform the equivalent Nvidia Quadro and vice versa in other tasks depending on what use of the workstation for.

The AMD Radeon Pro graphics cards which is Vega based cards are better in cryptography, OpenCL and V-Ray when used with SketchUp.

Nvidia Quadro graphics card are generally good in Autodesk CAD, Siemens NX and more. Nvidia Titan V Tensor cores is good in deep-learning applications such as GEMM and Caffe2.

Basic CAD
The workstation graphics card for entry-level CAD, the Nvidia Quadro P620 provide enough graphics processing power. The P620 can be used in many PCs due to their compact low-profile size and their energy efficient designs. Quadro P620 also supports up to 4 4K HDR displays.

Complex CAD / Photoshop
To handle larger 3D models, Nvidia Quadro P1000 comes with 4GB extra VRAM meaning it can handle larger 3D models than P620. Even though the P1000 features extra CUDA cores and a larger 4GB frame buffer, it retains the small low-profile size of P620 workstation graphics card.

The powerful Nvidia Quadro P2000 features a 5GB frame buffer and 1024 CUDA cores providing extra rendering performance. The P2000 also offers native support for 4no of 5K displays for extra virtual workspace.

Large complex CAD / Video Editing / Medical Imaging / VR Development / GPGPU Compute
High-performance workstation graphics cards such as the  Nvidia Quadro P4000 features an 8GB frame buffer and 1792 CUDA Cores for demanding tasks. Using multiple workstation graphics cards with Quadro Sync II, up to 32 4K displays can be connected simultaneously (Quadro Sync II is support on Quadro P4000 and up). Nvidia recommends using Quadro P4000 cards and higher for VR development due to their higher graphical processing power. Over the P4000, the Nvidia Quadro P5000 offers double the frame buffer (16GB) and 2560 CUDA Cores for improved graphical performance. For VR development, the AMD Radeon Pro Duo utilizes its two GPUs to render separate images for each display within a VR headset which improves performance significantly. Nvidia Quadro P6000 features an even larger 24GB frame buffer and 3840 CUDA Cores for ultra-high performance, especially in VR development.

Ultra high-end

Compared to P6000 which has fewer CUDA Cores and a smaller frame buffer, the Quadro GP100 offers Deep Learning and AI performance due to its fast FP16 performance due to its HBM2 video memory. Nvidia Quadro GP100 also features NVLink which provides the ability to run 2 GP100 workstation graphics cards simultaneously to scale performance.

  1. Is it possible to play games with a workstation graphics card?

Yes! However, some online that some games will not work with certain workstation graphics drivers. If you do not plan to use your Quadro or Radeon Pro for workstation duties then it makes more sense to buy the cheaper GeForce or Radeon graphics cards which also often outperform their workstation variants in games.

Nvidia Quadro Workstation Graphics Cards

P620 P1000 P2000 P4000 P5000 P6000 GP100
CUDA Cores 512 640 1024 1792 2560 3840 3584
FP64 1/32 FP32 1/2 FP32
Boost Clock ~1228MHz ~1733MHz ~1560MHz ~1430MHz
GPU GP104 GP104 GP102 GP100
Power Consumption 40W 47W 75W 105W 180W 250W 235W
Memory 2GB





















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