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How to find the right workstation choice on budget?
Jul 31, 2017
How to find the right workstation choice on budget

How to find the right workstation choice on budget

With a compact workstation, Professionals designers can use programs like Maya, CATIA, Nx and SolidWorks without worrying about performance bottlenecks.

Entry Level Budget Workstation (Below 50,000INR)

To find out budget workstation, focus on both the processor with higher processor frequency and graphics card with decent Video Memory.

Not every component in workstation is important at this level. Avoid accessories a high-end motherboard and enormous memory size. But Small form factor workstations can house high performance processors, two 2.5 inch drives or even smaller M.2 PCI Express solid state drives, powerful graphics cards, liquid cooling

Mid-Level Professional Workstation: (50,000INR-200,000INR)

Getting the best CPU and Graphics card options (NVidia Quadro or AMD Radeon) Next? Here: memory, motherboard, power supply and the chassis, software, Brand (Dell/ HP) will enhance the overall performance and longevity of workstations.

High End: (Above 200,000INR)

Welcome to the high-end workstation family. This is where you experience the power of workstation. The goal of a high-end build is to maximize the raw power of today’s latest technology to produce the most intense experience.

Any product design can look good on a low-resolution display. But, your high-end workstation has higher expectation.

First, the key to a great experience is 4K big visuals, need to have higher resolutions. To deliver an experience at high resolutions you need to maximize all core components that makeup including higher Cuda core and Graphics memory in Nvidia Quadro Card.

Second, your next big investment is into the processor that horsepower on the computing side. Or else, you’ll run into a bottleneck that will slow the entire system down.

With all the high end components you may need a large wattage power supply. Get a fast SSD hard drive with two in a RAID 0 STRIPE for even faster speeds. With a fast hard drive, software will load faster and spend less time loading a level. Also it boost in the response times when you open and close applications.

Enhance workstation by buying overclocking processor, video cards, memory, and Windows OS. For a high-end system select liquid cooling. A liquid cooled computer will reward you with higher overclocks and increased stability.

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