Hardware upgradation & Installation

Perfect and latest hardware for now and future to extend the life of your data centre. Hardware up gradation and installation starts with choosing the right hardware for your data centre based on the requirements of the data centre.

Hardware Upgradation & Installation

Global Nettech provides suggestions regarding the Data centre hardware products like the server, storage and networking equipment. We help you to have all the advancements of IT Infrastructure in your data centre by providing New server and storage installation, Up gradation of existing Server, Storage and Networking Hardware, Creating & Redesigning, Application implementing, Customizing, that best matches your business requirements and budget.

Why Global Nettech for Hardware Upgrade and Installation?

Global Nettech has a huge inventory of New and refurbished hardware and spare parts to provide perfect upgrade and installation for your data centre hardware at a low price when compared to OEM cost. Our Tier 3 team of engineers have the wealth of experience in installing and upgrading data centre hardware. We also provide OS management, System updates and performance optimization to improve the performance and lifecycle of your datacentre hardware.

Global Nettech Hardware Upgrade and Installation Service Includes

OS Installation, Update and Management

  • Our skilled engineers can easily install update and management, configure, update and manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Solaris, HP-UX, IBM-AIX and Windows Server operating systems.

Data centre Hardware Installation

  • We hardware Install Physical and virtual server, Install storages, and networking hardware by onsite, whether bought prior to the installation service or customized, refurbished and supplied.

Hardware Suggestions and Upgrade

  • We provide advice on your hardware upgrade and we supply and install a variety of components including hard drives, RAM, optical drives to make your hardware and operating system work together.

Testing for Optimal Hardware Performance

  • We provide a stable and secure application platform by installing with patches and updates regularly for an operating system. All updates and patches are tested before installation to lower the risk of failure.

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