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Do you want to Sync 32 4K displays Per Workstation?
Nov 8, 2017

Do you want to Sync 32 4K displays Per Workstation?

Answer: NVIDIA Quadro Sync II for PASCAL Graphic Card.

It is an Add-On Interface Board for Multi-Display Solutions

Quadro Sync boards: Enables NVIDIA Quadro Mosaic technology connect to NVIDIA Quadro Pascal GPUs, synchronizing them with the multi-displays or projectors attached to them.

OS Support: Quadro Sync and Quadro GPUs support Windows 7, Windows 8, and Linux.

Single Workstation that lets you to do:

  • Keep multi-projector systems or video walls free of imaging artifacts without impacting performance
    • A broadcaster can power up to a 32* 4K-display video wall for on-air display with one workstation
  • Align inputs for multi-input display devices like 4K projectors or panels.
    • A flight simulator can move from HD resolution to four-input 4K projectors with the same-size visualization cluster.
  • Keep stereoscopic 3D displaying properly across multiple systems.
    • A research lab can create a stereoscopic 3D display wall of up to 32* displaysQuadro Sync II card2
Maximum number of GPUs per Sync card 4
Maximum number of Sync cards per system 2*
Maximum number of synchronized GPUs per system 8*
Maximum number of displays or projectors per system 32*
Maximum number of displays or projectors with Quadro Mosaic™ 32*
Stereoscopic display support  Enabled
Projector Overlap support  Enabled
Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) support  Enabled

Quadro Sync II Supported Graphics Card are: Quadro GP100, Quadro P6000, Quadro P5000, Quadro P4000


Multi-GPU Mosaic
Mosaic is an integrated software technology that abstracts multiple physical displays into a large virtual display. When the virtual display spans across multiple GPUs, the Quadro Sync board synchronizes the GPUs to ensure all the displays stay aligned. You can also scale your applications onto a single unified desktop across all of your synchronized displays or projectors from one system with the NVIDIA Mosaic technology.

Frame Lock
Synchronize multiple displays in one machine or spread across multiple machines in a cluster. For frame lock a single display is chosen as the timing master and all other displays in the cluster align to it. Frame lock can be used with individual physical displays and single or multi-GPU Mosaic displays.

Sync to an External Timing Source
You can align a selected display to an external timing generator. The selected display can be a Mosaic or physical and can be used as the frame lock master if desired.

Simplify your Deployments
Reduce the number of Workstations required and minimize operational complexity by synchronizing up to three NVIDIA Quadro Pascal GPUs and 32 displays or projectors with one NVIDIA Quadro Sync.

Support Windows-Based Visualization Clusters
You can easily script and remotely manage NVIDIA Quadro Sync and other GPU features within the visualization cluster with industry-standard Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) configuration and management interfaces.