Dell Precision T5820 - High End Workstation

Dell Precision T5820 Intel Xeon Tower Workstation for Short Term Lease – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Noida, Pune and Gurgaon

The ultimate in performance and expandability, optimized to help you design and simulate for uninterrupted workflows.

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Dell Precision T5820 Intel Xeon Tower Workstation

T5820 Product Overview


The Dell Precision 5820 delivers high performance for your most demanding applications with the latest Intel® Xeon® processors and up to 256GB of faster 2666MHz expandable memory. In addition, every Dell Precision comes with the exclusive Dell Precision Optimizer, which automatically tunes your workstation to run some of the most popular (ISV) applications at the fastest speeds possible.

Ready for complex projects, including virtual reality workflows, with the next generation AMD Radeon Pro™ and highest performing NVIDIA Quadro® professional graphics with support for up to 600W of graphics power.

Precision Workstations are tested (Independent Software Vendor certified) to ensure the high-performance applications you rely on every day run smoothly. 


Dell T5820 Workstation Specifications


Intel® Xeon® Processor W Family CPUs with up to 10 cores per processor

Next-gen performance: Expand your ideas with the Precision 5820 Tower. Featuring high performance in a new innovative, versatile compact design. Intel Advanced Vector Extensions, Intel Trusted Execution Technology, Intel AES New instructions, Optimized Intel Turbo Boost and optional Intel vPro™ technology.


Up to six 2.5″ or five 3.5″ 4 x 1TB drives on 1 Dell Precision Ultra-Speed Drive Quad x16 cards.

No project is too big: Up to six 2.5″ or five 3.5″ drives and front access storage including SATA, SAS (not available on systems with Core X CPUs) and PCIe M.2/U.2 NVMe SSD can be configured for up to 68TB total storage and easily swapped.

Stay flexible with ultimate scalability: With the hot-swap feature on the M.2 and U.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs, you can remove drives without shutting down workstation. Your Precision 5820 Tower grows with your ideas no matter where they take you, thanks to a new chassis that combines a versatile design with outstanding storage scalability. 


Up to 256GB 2666MHz DDR4 ECC memory. 8 DIMM slots

Room for everything: Accelerate every project: Run your software as fast as possible and get real-time results thanks to this memory expandable machine with up to 512GB of 2666MHz RDIMM ECC memory (not available with Core X CPUs). Enhance your workstation experience with most of your Precision 5820 Tower workstation. 


High-end 3D cards: Radeon™ Pro WX 9100, Radeon™ Pro SSG (future), NVIDIA Quadro GP100, NVIDIA Quadro P6000, NVIDIA, Quadro P5000

Mid-range 3D cards: Radeon™ Pro WX 7100, Radeon™ Pro WX 5100, Radeon™ Pro WX 4100, NVIDIA Quadro P4000, NVIDIA Quadro P2000

Entry 3D cards: Radeon™ Pro WX 3100, Radeon™ Pro WX 2100, NVIDIA Quadro P1000, NVIDIA Quadro P600, NVIDIA Quadro P400

Professional 2D cards: NVIDIA NVS 310

Expansion: 425W or 950W (input voltage 181VAC-240AC) –90% efficient (80PLUS Gold Certified) 

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