Capabilities and Features of HP workstation Z8 G4 Tower
Jun 23, 2018

Capabilities and Features of HP workstation Z8 G4 Tower


How to add up to 56 cores?

  • Intel Scalable processors maximum with 56 cores with two Intel Xeon Platinum 8180 with 28 cores.
  • The Scalable processors support transfer speeds of up to 10.4 Giga transfers per second on Ultra Path Interconnects or UPI.
  • The previous generation Xeon E5-2600 v4 family of processors supports Quick Path Interconnect, or QPI which only supported 9.6 Giga Transfers per second.
  • The high-end Scalable processors have up to three UPI channels. Instead of two QPI channels on E5 v4 processors for greater throughput and performance.
  • Xeon SPs provides six memory channels per processor, instead of four channel on the Xeon E5-2600 family.


Memory speeds of up to 2666MHz DDR4 whereas Z840 is 2400MHz. NUMA is supported for mixing memory modules of different capacities but with a specific load order.

How to add up to 3TB of MEMORY?

  • Maximum of 1.5TB (12 x 128GB) of memory for a single processor. 3TB for two processors (24 DDR4 x 128GB) with Win 10 Pro 64 bit os for workstations.
  • Maxing out memory, you need a Scalable processor with “M” Series. Gold 6140M, support up to 1.5TB of memory each. Without ‘M’ only support 768GB of RAM. To load more without M-series system will not to boot.
  • 256GigaByte modules will be available as soon to support Z8 G4. The previous version, Z840 supports 2TeraBytes of memory supported in 16 memory slots, similar to Z8 only, uses only DDR4 memory modules.
  • Supported OS Windows 10 pro 64 bit. Other versions of Windows can be installed but will not support the full complement of memory.


Internal Drives: The internal drives use 6 port, 6Gb/s SATA RAID controllers.

How to add up to 48TB of storage?

  • Four internal drive bays to support either one 3.5” or 2.5” drive.
  • Front two 5.25” media bays can support either one 3.5” drives (or) two 2.5” drives with a drive tray adapter
  • Two PCIe 3.0 slots located above two CPUs support 2nos of M.2 storage modules each. So, with two processors and two M.2 storage modules each, adds up to additional 8TB of M.2 storage.
  • The PCIe slots can get even more M.2 storage with the addition of a ZTurbo Drive Quad Pro card that will support up to 4nos x M.2 storage devices. The additional M.2 Quad Pro card in PCIe slots can install one ZTurbo Drive.

SATA drives: SATA drive controllers support 8 ports SATA and 2 ports eSATA. SATA controller offers SATA RAID at 0, 1, 5, and 10 at 6Gb/s link speed.

SAS drives: Optional add-in HD/RAID controller called MicroSemi 2100-4i4e offers 8-port SAS support at 12Gb/s. Here, limited RAID of 0, 1, and 10 are offered.

The M.2 drives: Configured for RAID using Windows Disk Management, and are managed with TRIM using the DataSet Management command.


Supports high-end graphics cards both AMD and Nvidia.

How to add up to 74GB of Graphics MEMORY?

With single processor and 1125W PSU (6 Six PCIe 3.0 slots) which can install below options:

  • 4 x 75W GPUs, 3 x 180W GPUs (or)
  • 2 x 250W GPUs.

With Dual processor, and 1450W/20Amp PSU (for 9 PCIe 3.0 slots), which can install three high-performance GPUs

  • 4 x 75W, 3 x 180W, 1 x 250W GPU.


Support up to 16 displays @ 4K resolution.


The well-organized interior layout boasts better thermal control along with the new HP logo design.

The chassis is divided into two main zones. The power module completely redesigned. Wiring on one side, and the motherboard and all other components are on the other side separated by a metal panel, and the motherboard.

Processor cooling:

A black plastic baffle covers the processors and memory modules. Each processor has its own heat sink with a high-pressure air fan that pulls air in through the front of the system. Ensures the second processor not get the warm recirculated air coming off the first processor.

Three fans in front pull air through the chassis:

  • One big fan in the lower portion pulling air across the hard drives and past the PCIe slots.
  • A smaller fan in the middle to cool the lower memory modules, and a larger fan above to cool the upper memory modules and the PCIe cards that may be installed in the slots above the processors.
  • A larger fan at the back of the case pulls the air out through the back.

There are vents all over this system for air flow.


9 PCIe slots:

  • Four PCIe3 x16 and Four PCIe3 x4 slots
  • PCIe3 x8 electrical slot for internal M.2 PCIe-attached storage

Optical bays: Thunderbolt 3.0 port which uses USB-C to support Displays,

USB port: An internal 1-port USB 3.0 header, an internal 2-port USB 2.0 header, and an internal 1-port

The PCIe slots supports all sorts of additional cards for network communications, Thunderbolt 3, WiFi, and even more M.2 storage.

Install an optional optical drive DVD-RW or Blue Ray in the front of the chassis.

Rail Kit:

Optional Rail kit to rack mount is available.

Network Interface:

To install a network interface controller supporting 10Gigs. Default HP Z8 G4comes embedded with dual 1GbE.

Power Supply Unit:

Powering the system by 1125W or a 1450W PSU.  But when connected to a 200-240Volt power supply, the output even higher at 1450W or 1700W, respectively,


  • HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI is to manage the system.
  • Intel Active Management Technology providing an advanced set of management features and functionality for onsite and remote management.


  • Z8 features a cast of characters including a lock on the side panel to secure all drives and internal components
  • An optional intrusion sensor and
  • A slot for the optional Kensington lock against physical theft.
  • HP Client Security Suite, HP SureStart and the self-healing BIOS with intrusion detection are provided by HP

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