G5 Generation HP Z-Series Workstations

The G5, 5th generation HP Z-Series Workstations have been updated with the latest and greatest components for professional creators, designers, engineers, and data scientists. HP G5 Workstation: HP G4 Z-Series towers were first introduced in 2017. New G5 Z-Series...

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Latest Recommended Amphere Graphics Card suitable for Solidworks 2022
Jan 11, 2022

The right Workstation for Solidworks hardware, running this Software can cause crashes, lag, and unwanted downtime.

To get Rental Solidworks hardware:

You need to answer these questions like

  • What processor should I get?
  • What’s the difference between HDD and SSD?
  • What type of RAM do I need and how much?
  • Will it pair well with the Software applications I have?

Best Workstation for SOLIDWORKS Standard

If SOLIDWORKS CAD on assemblies containing less than 500 parts, and workflow doesn’t require heavy use of SOLIDWORKS Simulation or Visualize, then the

  • Precision 3650 Tower Workstation
  • Laptop 3361 Mobile Workstation

for SOLIDWORKS Standard are great solutions.

Best Workstation for SOLIDWORKS Visualize

If SOLIDWORKS user who regularly works with large assemblies (up to 2500 components) and for SOLIDWORKS Visualize ideal to use Visualize and Simulation by the hardware

  • Precision 3650 Tower Workstation
  • Laptop 5760 Mobile Workstation

Best Workstations for Solidworks Premium and Simulation

If works with large assemblies, creating motion animations, renderings in SOLIDWORKS Visualize, and perform Simulations regularly, then

  • Precision 5820 Tower Workstation
  • Laptop 7760 Mobile Workstation

for SOLIDWORKS Premium and Simulation are robust enough to handle those demands.

Graphics Reference for Solidworks hardware


NVIDIA RTX series for workstation GPUs such as the RTX A6000RTX A5000, and RTX A4000 for Soildworks CAD Software for direct editing, surfacing, importing, and large assemblies and Rendering Software Solidworks Vizualize.

Gaming GPU

Gaming GPUs fromRTX 3080, RTX 3090 and RTX 3090Ti For Rendering Software.


For designing and creating, Workstation graphics cards are built with performance and stability improvements to provide an uninterrupted experience.

Reliable, crash-free, and stable your system is running high-end software like SOLIDWORKS and Visualize on dedicated drivers updated quarterly.

All workstation graphics cards come with

  1. ECC RAM (error-correcting code), clock, and speed that guarantee performance over long durations plus drivers that support your specific software needs.
  2. NVIDIA has integrated additional RAM into their workstation graphics cards which is helpful for opening large files or crunching large amounts of data.


For running a gaming card and trick the system by manually installing the GPU driver for a corresponding workstation GPU

Ideal for

  1. showing a lot of detail with high speed and
  2. often are overclocked for maximum performance.

a workstation card you can game, or a gaming card run SOLIDWORKS; You can still have the best of both worlds.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize uses CUDA Core processing for Ray tracing and rendering.

Why Choose Global Nettech, Dell & NVIDIA?

Workstation Hardware:

Dell workstation brand has continuously evolved into powerful mobile and tower systems. Graphic Processing Units have continued the trend toward more performance in smaller packages, requiring less power. And Dell has incorporated the best NVIDIA GPU products into their desktop and mobile workstations.


SOLIDWORKS has made use of these hardware advancements by adopting GPU acceleration into their software engineering flow, moving what had been

  • Single-threaded processes on CPUs over
  • GPUs for better performance.

SOLIDWORKS has also optimized the OpenGL rendering pipeline in 2019 and it’s on by default in 2020 resulting in a smoother experience manipulating large assemblies and complex models.

 Global Nettech:

Global Nettech, Dell, and NVIDIA have teamed up to create engineering workstations fine-tuned to your applications at never-before-seen prices and discounts exclusive to Global Nettech customers.

We’re here to help. For our customers, We Global Nettech, Dell, and NVIDIA have teamed up to create engineering workstations fine-tuned to your applications at never-before-seen prices and discounts exclusive to Global Nettech customers.

With Dell, NVIDIA, and Global Nettech, you’re guaranteed the best tool for the job. To learn more about these solutions, or for questions about pricing Please Contact Us: 90360 10005 Mailto: Enquiry@globalnettech.com

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