Latest Choice of designers – Nvidia Quadro P2000 5GB / P4000 8GB / GP100 16GB Graphics Card

Nvidia Quadro mid-range VR ready Graphics card are the Quadro P4000 and P2000. The Quadro P4000 is based on GP104 GPU to size as a single-slot card with a TDP of 105W Supports VR development.

Replacing the Quadro M2000 is the Quadro P2000. Quadro P2000 card is in the same single-slot form factor built off of a GP106 GPU with 5 channels (160-bits) are enabled, which is also memory capacity of 5GB.

The FP32 compute performance required for demanding physically based rendering tasks available in a single slot professional graphics board solution.

Finally, both cards come with 4 full-size DisplayPort 1.4 connectors to drive 4K, 5K and 8K HDR displays or HMDs.


NVIDIA Quadro Specification Comparison (4000/2000)
Quadro P4000Quadro P2000Quadro M4000Quadro M2000
CUDA Cores179210241664768
Memory Bus Width256-bit160-bit256-bit128-bit
ArchitecturePascalPascalMaxwell 2Maxwell 2
DisplayPort Outputs4444

The P4000 enables users to create large, complex designs, render detailed photorealistic imagery, and create convincingly detailed immersive VR experiences. Quadro P2000 provides professional users with an expansive 4K or 5K visual workspace, delivers 50% greater graphics performance. Renders photorealistic images 3.5x faster than any CPU-based system.


Quadro GP100 is combined power of Quadro graphics, Geforce compute and Tesla cards features.

NVIDIA’s most powerful workstation card with FP32/graphics performance is lower than Quadro P6000’s

Difference between GP100 and P100 Graphics card:

NVIDIA PCIe Tesla P100 cards feature passive cooling and are designed for servers. The Quadro GP100 is a traditional, fan & shroud active cooled card.

Outputs 4 4 4 2

Quadro GP100Quadro P6000Quadro M6000Quadro K6000
CUDA Cores3584384030722880
ArchitecturePascalPascalMaxwell 2Kepler
DisplayPort outputs4442